Daniel Abraham interview

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peter Orullian posted an interview with Daniel Abraham today (thanks to Orbit for the heads-up). I have to reveal that Abraham is one of the author on my shame list and I've been looking ahead to picking up The Long Price Quartet. However, the interview linked here is about Daniel writing and he offers just small glimpses of The Dagger and the coin. Here's an extract of one of the questions :

Speaking of first drafts and revision, I know from Facebook that you've just completed a draft of the first book in your new fantasy series. There's a little information out there about it, including a great press release on the Orbit website. But give me a kernel (if you can) of something we can look forward to in that book that no one knows yet. You know, an exclusive. Or barring that, tell us as much as you can to set the stage for this next career effort. I mean, epic fantasy. We gotta know.

The Dagger and the Coin. Yeah, that's going to be an interesting ride. It's a very different project than the Long Price books. It's more of an adventure story, and it's packed with the things that I like the best. Hopefully, other folks will enjoy it as much as I did.

I'll give you five exclusives.


Also, here's a synopsis posted by Abraham on Westeros :
The dragons are gone, the powerful magics that broke the world diluted to little more than parlour tricks, but the kingdoms of men remain and the great game of thrones goes on. Lords deploy armies and merchant caravans as their weapons, manoeuvring for wealth and power. But a darker power is rising – an unlikely leader with an ancient ally threatens to unleash the madness that destroyed the world once already. Only one man knows the truth and, from the shadows, must champion humanity. The world's fate stands on the edge of a Dagger, its future on the toss of a Coin.


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