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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two new foreign, well not really that much foreign in UK's case.... :), covers surfaced last week. The first one is the Taiwanese cover for The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks. This is the third cover art, beside the french and US/UK cover. I'm still rooting for the french one. Week's thanks for the Taiwanese edition goes to Cameron McClure, Gray Tan, and Tai Tien Electrics.


Secondly, the UK cover for the newly released novel Shadow's Son by Jon Sprunk. This time, you have to choose between a hooded assassin surrounded by blue and green or a hooded assassin surrounded by yellow. My personal vote... hum... kind of hard. I think the guy on the US cover looks better, close call.

UK :

US :


Finally, a cool piece of art but not on the cover of a novel. George R.R. Martin posted the cover art for the Campaign Guide for its SONG OF ICE AND FIRE ROLE-PLAYING GAME. This is the Kingslayer himself, Jaime Lannister beside the Iron Throne and the corpse of mad King Aerys. Michael Kormack (his website) is responsible for this beautiful piece of work. This is really one of my favorite artist in the genre right now, mostly for his work on the Subterranean Press edition of Gardens of the Moon. Click it to see it in all it's glory!


Showtyme said...

For The Way of Shadows, I agree with you about the French cover being the best one. I also have to agree with you about Shadow's Son. I'm liking the US cover better. I don't understand why the knife is pink on the UK cover, is it like that in the story, or is it just because the artist felt like it?

As for the GRRM RPG, I'd like to know if anybody has played it, if it is a fun time, or what? I'm interested in it, but being as unemployed as I currently am can't afford to spend money unless I know something is quality first.

Phil said...

I can't really help with both question. I haven't read Shadow's Son but it's on my list of book to read soon. Maybe someone else can awnser.

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