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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here's what was lurking in my mailbox at the end of the week. Aside from Avempartha, these are all fantasy debut I'm eager to read. Farlander will probably follow Spellwright in my next reads.

I'm currently writing my review for The Stormcaller by Tom Lloyd and I should finish listening to A Darkness Forged in Fire (not quite satisfied with this one) and reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (really surprising) within the week, so look for the reviews soon. My next audiobook will probably be The Sword-Edged Blonde by Alex Bledsoe.

Aside from this, I want to make my "Gaming digression" posts more frequent. I'm currently playing Darksiders and I have Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain and God of War 3 waiting for my thumbs!


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I am curious as to your thoughts on all these books. I hope you have enjoyed Michael Sullivans books so far. I have really enjoyed them and looking forward to The Emerald Storm.

I see you are listening to a Darkness forged in Fire. I am curious what you think on it. I read it a few years ago and I may have to reread it again.

Showtyme said...

I've been playing Final Fantasy XIII since it was released on Tuesday, I feel it's a pretty decent game. Not quite as good as some of the older FF games, the battle system is much different in this one. I just finished up the first disc, and the story is an excellent one.

Phil said...

@Melissa : Yes I liked Michael first book so far. I think his first book will probably feel even better for me after reading the next entries in the series. (my review is here :

As for A Darkness forged in fire, it's not bad but it's not impressive. I will try to write the review this week.

@Showtyme : Can't wait to try this new FF game. From what I read, one of the problem with the game is that it's way too straightforward... you thoughts on this?

Showtyme said...

I haven't found it any more straight forward than the other Final Fantasy games. Obviously it isn't an open-ended RPG like the FallOut or Elder Scrolls series of games. It's made in the same style as the other FF games, and they focus more on main quest than side quests. I'm about 11 hours in and it has been a straight shot so far, but just from reading the booklet that comes with the game I can tell it will open up farther along in the game with optional side-quests. Square-Enix spends A LOT of time building up the story they want to tell. So, it has been pretty straight forward, but you really shouldn't expect any different from a FF game.

Those are my thoughts, anyway.

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