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Thursday, March 4, 2010

There are often rumors about the completion of novels we are all eagerly waiting for. In the last two weeks, we heard news about George R.R. Martin, Scott Lynch, Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson, probably the four most wanted manuscripts in the fantasy scene.


As far as completion goes, this is not the big news for A Dance with Dragon (here), since you'll notice that the title of the post from Mr. Martin is "Not Done Yet"... We learn that the author is having some problems with the timeline between his last novel (Feast for Crows), Dance (which is going on at the same time or so he is trying to do and the next one, Winds of Winter. I don't think that's really a problem. At least, the most important thing is the story and the evolution of the characters, not the perfection in dates and age. Erikson also had some problems with that in his Malazan series and it went well anyway.

Another interesting tidbit about our beloved ASoIaF, the Game of Thrones TV series on HBO. The pilot did its job and the production for the first 10 episodes will start soon! Can't wait, more so when I read that the budget will be there. Here's the first production still by the way :


Adam at The Wertzone got a confirmation that the third book from Scott Lynch, The Republic of Thieves (from The Gentleman Bastard sequence) is now being revised and a tentative release window of spring 2011 is offered.


Lesbian unicorns! Got your attention? Well Patrick Rothfuss posted an update on his work for the second book of his Kingkiller Chronicles series, The Wise Man's Fear. A new improved manuscript was send to his editor. It's still not the final draft but things are going well. The book will be longer than The Name of the Wind. Why the lesbian unicorns you say? Here's Patrick post. (you'll have to scroll... his blog post titles can't be linked)


Finally, news from one of the most prolific writer in fantasy aside from Steven Erikson, Brandon Sanderson. Towers of Midnight, the follow-up to the final trilogy of the Wheel of Time is still planned for a late fall release. Brandon has not updated his progress for a while, but he's doing rewrites and the book will be bigger than The Gathering Storm. Aside from this, Brandon is also working on his news series first book, The Way of Kings, which is also stopping his progress bar for ToM. More from him here.

That's it folks, great reading still ahead!


Black_Dog_Diary said...

Seriously? A movie/tv series?? pinch me, I'm sure I'm imagining this

Phil said...

No you're not.

Check this here :

it's a tv series

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