Round of covers

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some new cover art were released to the world since the start of the year, so here's a little round-up to catch-up.


Stephen Deas posted yesterday on his website the cover art (by Paul Young) for his upcoming new series, The Thief-Taker's Apprentice. The infamous hooded figure is back, but this time he's not alone, he's with another hooded figure. Well it seems everyone is into those nowadays. Stephen is joking about that on this post about the cover. Click the pic for a very high quality image.

To continue with Mr. Deas, here is the cover for the US release of The Adamantine Palace (my review here). The book is now available. Even though I liked the UK cover a lot, I find this one to be quite gorgeous too.


Next on the spotlight is Celia Friedman cover art for the upcoming mass market paperback release of Wings of Wrath (august in the UK). It's in the vein of the first book of the Magister series, Feast of Souls. Orbit posted about the cover art here. Not bad.


The following cover was graciously offered to us by Mihai at Dark Wolf's Fantasy reviews (here). It's the international french cover art for King's Dragon by Kate Elliot (Le Dragon du Roi), illustrated by Didier Graffet. It's the kind of good old fantasy art with a knight in an almost impossible to wear kick ass looking armor. It's cool (even thought it's not really "artistic" and original) and reminds me of the cover for Zrozeni Zimy (Winterbirth - Brian Ruckley), one of the covers I liked the most last year (my Bests of 2009).


Finally for now, another cover (the bottom left one in the following pic) for The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert V.S. Redick was unveiled and posted in the blogosphere by Mad Hatter (here). This time it's a mass market paperback edition and here are the different covers so far (I prefer the top left) :


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