Spellwright free read

Monday, January 25, 2010

To add to this day extract, Blake Charlton posted the prologue and first four chapters of his upcoming novel Spellwright. I still wait eagerly for this one, from the echos in the blogosphere, it could be a contender for best debut in 2010. The book will be released in march.

Read it here.

And here's the blurb again :

Nicodemus Weal is a cacographer, unable to reproduce even simple magical texts without 'misspelling' -- a mistake which can have deadly consequences. He was supposed to be the Halcyon, a magic-user of unsurpassed power, destined to save the world; instead he is restricted to menial tasks, and mocked for his failure to live up to the prophecy. But not everyone interprets prophecy in the same way. There are some factions who believe a cacographer such as Nicodemus could hold great power -- power that might be used as easily for evil as for good. And when two of the wizards closest to Nicodemus are found dead, it becomes clear that some of those factions will stop at nothing to find the apprentice and bend him to their will!


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