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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Three tidbits about our beloved writers seized my attention this week.


First was the announcement of a new two-book deal make by Mark Charan Newton. Judging by his first novel, this is great news, it should make up for quality reading in the future. This is the author second two-book deal, the first one being Nights of Villjamur (review) and City of Ruins (coming this year). Mr. Newton was my choice for best debut in 2010 (here).

The news on Mark's blog is here.


George R.R. Martin created quite a buzz on Twitter and on the blogosphere by posting that he was able to finish a chapter of A Dance with Dragons. Good news here again, but George had to post again today to stop the rumors and speculations about the novel being finished. I don't really understand why people react like this. I'm as eager as everyone who has read ASoIaF, but let the man do his work without pressing him too much. There are enough good books out there to keep the wait entertaining. I think maybe George ought to stop posting updates... Anyway, you can read his thoughts here.

On a lighter tone, check out this news about the series on A Dribble of Ink. :)


Finally, there's an amusing poll on Brent Weeks page about the name of a character name. Mr. Weeks is in a fight with his editor about the name Gavin. He wants to know if people think that it sounds like a fantasy name. Myself? I don't think that the name is amazing but it sure fits well within a fantasy setting.

Vote here.


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