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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

There had been no update in a while on Morgan's website. Today he explained why. For almost a year now, the author has been working with EA Games! He announced that he was consulting on three separate games, all of them being in the Sci-fi realm (

Kotaku is speculating that the games could be the next Dead Space installment, an new IP for Epic and another mysterious game not yet unveiled (read more here).

Here's a exerpt of what Richard wrote on his website :

"That was a year ago. Now, without breaking any Non-Disclosure Agreements, I can cautiously reveal that I've been pulled in to consult on three separate games, have spent more time on airplanes and in overseas hotels during the last year than in my entire previous life, and have hit one of the steeper learning curves of my creative existence. Gaming turns out not only to be exactly as fascinating a medium as you'd expect, it's also a very young industry and its norms have yet to be fully formed. So while it shares some characteristics with the movie world, gaming has yet to produce its version of Story guru Robert McKee or the cut-and-dried writing formula requirements that have strangled so much creativity in places like Hollywood. What you can put into a big budget game is still very much up for grabs, and what's more, with the breakneck pace of technological development backing the field, it's constantly changing as well. One producer I'm working with at the moment likens what we're doing to working in Hollywood circa 1920, when everyone was still working out what you could do with this wild, new medium called film; the only difference is that the rate of evolution in technique for video games is running at about a dozen times the speed it ever did for film.

The field is open, the potential huge and, in story terms, only just beginning to be properly tapped
For a writer, that's a pretty close definition of paradise."


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