Gaming disgression - Dragon Age Origins

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I have been playing the game for almost 30 hours now and I can't stop (and that's probably why my Acacia review is still not done). Dragon Age : Origins, the "spiritual" successor of Bioware Baldur's Gate series is simply astonishing. For once I dread the 60/70 hours of gameplay to complete the game, I want even more (Ok this is nothing in comparison to my 375 hours of WOW but this is another story). If you're a gamer and you like RPGs you can't miss this one (moreover, it's on PC, XBox360 and PS3....). I play the PC version of the game mostly because you can "scroll out" the view to get a more strategic camera angle (and the controls on that type of game are simply better on PC than on consoles). However, even though the graphics are better on PC, I miss my big tv screen and PS3 for the visual experience.

I play a mage elf and I'm not used to go with this class. Well I think that will become an automatic choice in the future, way too much fun!

The immersion into the newly created world of Bioware (they also set aside the D&D license for a new stats system) is amazing. Apart from a good epic fantasy novel, I don't think you can get immersed into a rich fantasy world better than this.

For those of you who still haven't seen anything of this title, here's a trailer (the heavy metal song is not the best choice but... wow!).


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