Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've reached another little milestone today: 5000 pageloads! Thank you guys, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, and don't worry, reviews will be coming back more regularly soon. I've almost finished Dust of Dreams and I don't think I will have the time to read Blood of Elves before I receive The Gathering Storm. With all those years in waiting, I certainly can't put it aside now. I finished Knife of Dreams last year and I've read at least 2 of Sanderson's book so I'm ready, bring back Rand in full force!


I've also received two books in the mail. First is Canticle by Ken Scholes, the follow-up to Lamentation (review here) which I enjoyed a lot (I think it's a great contender for my best new author for 2009). The book will be followed by Antiphon, Requiem and Hymn to finish the series. Here's the blurb :

It is nine months after the end of the previous book. Many noble allies have come to the Ninefold Forest for a Feast in honor of General Rudolfo’s first-born child. Jin Li Tam, his wife and mother of his heir, lies in childbed. As the feast begins, the doors of the hall fly open and invisible assassins begin attacking. All of Rudolfo’s noble guests are slain, including Hanric, the Marsh Queen’s Shadow. And on the Keeper’s Gate, which guards the Named Lands from the Churning Waste, a strange figure appears, with a message for Petronus, the Hidden Pope. Thus begins the second movement of The Psalms of Isaak, Canticle .

Secondly, The Lost Symbol (which probably don't need any introduction). It's not fantasy but having read the first two books of Brown with Robert Langdon, I don't think that I can cast this one aside. Reviews are mitigated but it's still probably worth it.


Finally for today, it came to my attention by reading Joe Abercrombie's blog that a nice anthology of fantasy short stories is coming up next year with a great list of author. Joe didn't mention much about his story but he said that there will be characters from his upcoming novel Heroes. The anthology is set to see the light of day on June 22 2010 will be called Swords & Dark Magic: The New Sword and Sorcery and here's the table of contents as posted on Lou Anders blog :

"Introduction: Check Your Dark Lord at the Door" - Lou Anders & Jonathan Strahan
"Goats of Glory" - Steven Erikson
"Tides Elba: A Tale of the Black Company" - Glen Cook
"Bloodsport" - Gene Wolfe
"The Singing Spear" - James Enge
"A Wizard of Wiscezan" - C.J. Cherryh
"A Rich Full Week" - K. J. Parker
"A Suitable Present for a Sorcerous Puppet" - Garth Nix
"Red Pearls: An Elric Story" - Michael Moorcock
"The Deification of Dal Bamore" - Tim Lebbon
"Dark Times at the Midnight Market" - Robert Silverberg
"The Undefiled" - Greg Keyes
"Hew the Tint Master" - Michael Shea
"In the Stacks" - Scott Lynch
"Two Lions, A Witch, and the War-Robe" - Tanith Lee
"The Sea Troll's Daughter" - Caitlin R Kiernan
"Thieves of Daring" - Bill Willingham
"The Fool Jobs" - Joe Abercrombie


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