Kick ass moment #8

Monday, October 26, 2009

Her nausea was fading. Mind slowly awakening - wandering like a hungover reveller, desultorily seeping aside the ashes - she thought back to her first meeting with High Mage Ben Adaephon Delat. She had been pathetic. It was bad enough fainting in a heap in front of Commander Brys Beddict; she had barely recovered from that before she was led into Quick Ben's presence.

And now, weeks later, only fragments of the conversation that followed remained with her. He had been a distracted man, but when he had seen the enlivened earth cupped in Aranict's hand, his dark eyes had sharpened, hardened as if transformed into onyx.

He had cursed, and she remembered that curse.

'Hood's frantic balls on the fire.'

Steven Erikson - Dust of Dreams

Kick ass moment #7


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