Gaming disgression

Friday, September 18, 2009

I finished moving to my new house and everything is now in place. Rough weeks! Still, I had a good deal of free time to continue my reading and do some gaming. I have finished reading Nights of Villjamur so look for a review in the coming days. I started reading Dust of Dreams and I can say that it feels good to renew with the good old Bonehunters! But let's put the fantasy reading aside for a little gaming.

I started playing Batman : Arkham Asylum recently and after a couple of hours... (well a fair number of hours) I can definitely say that it's totally awesome. I like Batman, the last two movies were great but I never expected to be amazed by a Batman action game. Arkham Asylum is almost reaching perfection in all the aspect of video games. Graphics, score, gameplay, story, everything has been polished. There's a lot of action, hundreds of hidden 'riddles' to find and a full cast of the villains from the comic books. The fighting is well balanced, cool to look at and you can upgrade your gear. Thankfully, the gaming is not too short as most of that type of games these days. Way to go Rocksteady Studios!!!

And if you're a gamer like me and you got a taste for RPGs (my fantasy love don't stop with the books), you really have to take a look at the following video. Geralt is back! It's the first trailer for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Incredible. Go get the first one it's totally worth it and it's always a plus when it's related with a character from a seemingly good fantasy series (I hope to read Sapkowski 's books soon) !

The Witcher 2 Gameplay - Internal video!


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