Erikson, Sturges, Kearney

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fantasy Book Review posted a very interesting new interview with Steven Erikson. Seems that the Malazan lovers will have to wait longer between books with his upcoming new trilogies (the two of them being set in the Malazan world but not within the tale of the fallen arc). Instead of delivering a book every twelve months, he will grant us with Malazan tales every 18 months.

You can read the interview here.

There's another interview with him at the American Book Center Blog Do you read me...


When I chose the latest audiobook I wanted to listen to, I hesitated between Acacia by David Anthony Durham and Midwinter by Matthew Sturges. Acacia seems to be a good bet so far, but Midwinter is still catching my eye. Aside from Mad Hatter's, the reviews and comments about Sturges first book were not amazing. Any of you recommend it or feel that the book is worth a read (or a listening)? About this series, Sturges posted on his blog the cover for his next book, The Office of Shadow. Fits well with the first one, not a bad style for a cover with lifelike representation!


In line with my latest poll about stand-alone vs series, there's news about Paul Kearney. I haven't read The Ten Thousand so far even with all the good praise and it's probably waiting for my attention longer than deserved but the fact that it was a stand-alone probably has something to do with it (not that I don't read those, it's just a matter of timing I guess). However, the book will become part of the series, kind of. Kearney signed for two more books set in the same world. (no word if its direct follow-ups or 'a la' Abercrombie's Best Served Cold) The novels will be named Corvus and Kings of Morning. You can read the news here.


The Fantasizer said...

I have almost finished listening to the acacia audiobook and it is very good dont know about midwinter though.

Phil said...

Yes, the Acacia audiobook is nice so far (I'm almost mid-through) and the narration by Dick Hill is well done, he really gets into the roles.

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