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Sunday, August 2, 2009

I don't have much time while on vacation to read or listen to my audio book but I will pick up the pace soon. Here are some updates on the blog and the news I found interesting lately.

I added a link to my list of reviews so far at the top of the right bar.

I will be posting interviews of some authors I wanted to make soon.

The news...

Jason at Dragonmount read and reviewed (here) The Gathering Storm, the next installment of The Wheel of Time written this time by Brandon Sanderson from Robert Jordan notes. As he mention himself, he's a real fan of Jordan's work and a friend of the family, so we have to take his point of view in perspective. It seems that the writing is more Sanderson style but he accurately portrayed many of the characters. And finally Rand will be the PoV for almost half of the book chapters, that should keep things interesting enough for my taste. He also note that one of the main protagonists doesn't have any chapters where he's the PoV. I hope it's Elaine (or even Nynaeve). I hate it so much when they can stop talking about men or when they make their deadly look with their eyes... it seems that every woman in WoT is capable of making people weep just by looking at them with their angry eyes :)

Update : Another tidbit about WoT, the video game adaptation (news by Kotaku) will be made by Chris Morgan, the writer of the movie The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift... not sure if this good news...

Pat at the Fantasy Hotlist and Aidan at A Dribble of Ink posted news about new books coming up from Brian Ruckley (on his website) and Brandon Sanderson. Ruckley's new novel will be called Edinburgh Dead and will feature an alternate reality of the city. in the 19th century I don't usually like real world mixed up with fantasy, but as he mention himself, he writes fantasy so there will be a lot of "veteran warriors, magical conspiracies, killers both human and decidedly not". I still haven't read The Godless World trilogy but I expect great things to come. As for Sanderson's new series, it's named The Stormlight Archive and the first book is The Way of Kings. It should be at least four or five books. If you read the synopsis, it seems that Sanderson created again an amazing new world and magic system. That guy is unstoppable, we will have to call him Mr. Fantasy World Builder soon. I have read Mistborn and I'm listening to Elantris right now and I can say that Sanderson is swiftly making up his position on my favorite author list.

Update : I'm eagerly waiting for the Bauchelain and Korbal Broach omnibus by Steven Erikson and it seems that he's going to give us even more on these two necromancers. Pat posted this from the PS Publishing website, it's about Crack’d Pot Trail, Erikson new novella. Can't wait to read them all, Erikson si really a profusive writer!

Hollywood seems to be more and more interested in putting fantasy books to tv or even the big screen. Peter V. Brett book The Warded Man was optioned for a motion picture (it was announced previously here) and it will be directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. I have read the book and I think it should make a good movie. This is the kind of script that can easily be put to the screen.

Update : Again big movie news! Brent Weeks's Night Angle trilogy (I still haven't read it) was optioned for a movie (as seen at
The Mad Hatter's) and the project for Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon is still in progress (Pat post). This last one could be something great if they nail the right script, the book is incredible.

Finally, even more interestingly though, George R.R. Martin's A Game of Throne casting for the HBO series is going well. George posted on his Not a blog the first list of the chosen actors. I think that Sean Bean is a very good choice to play the part of Eddard Stark. From what I know so far, this should be something interesting to follow, I don't think it's not going to look like Legend of the Seeker (I don't really like the result of this....).


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