A thousand visitors and new poll

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The blog reached a first little milestone today, a 1000 unique visitors! (with more than 1600 pageloads...) It's a start! I hope to be able to keep you coming, I love to share. There's so many more books to review out there.

I updated the blog link list with Davebrendon’s Fantasy & Sci-Fi Weblog. Interesting blog that I just discovered.

Finally, it seems that my last question was not very appealing with only 5 votes. With that nubmer, it's impossible to know what people are mostly looking for in a review. Now... for the next question :

Do you like to have maps in your fantasy books?

Me? If you have read my reviews it should be obvious... unquestionably yes! But they have to be well drawn which is usually the case. I know some people say that a map is a way of restricting our imagination when we read a book but then you can always avoid looking at it. I think that a map has exactly the opposing effect. When I look at a map, I can better place myself in the position of the character, so I feel it's more of a support for my imagination.


Anonymous said...

Hey Phil, thanks for linking to my blog! :-) I'll definitely repay the favour. :-)

Your question: I like maps in the fantasy's I read - whenever a town or city or landmark is mentioned in the narrative I always go back to the back to have a better idea of where the specific characters are. And maps also help me with my own writing, so yep, I like the maps! :-)

Phil said...


I do the same thing when I read a book with a map, as soon as there's mention of a location I flip to it!

Nice blog you have by the way.

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