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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

While I was reading a couple of weeks back, I think it was The Adamantine Palace... I thought about something that I had to note immediately to be sure not to forget it for the review. In itself, it's not really surprising or extraordinary. But then, I told myself that I had to stop thinking about that review and just enjoy the reading. The review can wait the end of the book.

Since I was young and started reading Choose Your Own Adventure books, comic books and then novels, it has always been about the pleasure I had while I read, to be immersed into all these fantastic worlds.

For a second, this moment made me feel like old times in school when you had to read a book and make a dissertation about it or answer questions. That was not much about fun... By the way, my girlfriend is a french teacher and she lets her students read without questioning them. I think she will get more of them into reading that way.

I thought at first that I was altering my pleasure of reading, but finally it didn't. Did any of you guys ever had the same feeling? Do you think that sometimes you read books only to review them? Is the pleasure still the same?

I think that when I started this blog it was to share my thoughts and help a little bit the readers who, like me, are looking for other fantasy readers opinions and reflections to find new interesting books to read. I can easily do this and enjoy my reading time.

Well in the end, I love it and I think that the fantasy readers blogosphere is a great place to virtually hang out!


Tia Nevitt said...

I was doing that for a while, but then I stopped. Now, I fold down a corner when I reach a passage I want to quote. But I don't take any other notes. That's because I've found that the notes I've taken often become irrelevant by the time I reach the end of the novel. If it was worth remembering, in my mind, it's worth mentioning. If not, it's not.

I love your blog template.

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