Mr. Mailman, Thank you sir!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I received a nice package today. Here's what was inside :

I could ask you what you would read next in my stead but my choice is already made... with all the hype around Best Served Cold and since I enjoyed The First Law trilogy a lot, there's no competition, I go with Joe!

Anyway, I can't go with Fall of Thanes, I haven't even begun the series, but the whole trilogy now sits with many unread books on my shelves.

And to illustrate my clumsiness, you can have a look at the Red Wolf Conspiracy cover (it may not be that much visible but the white line under the mast of the bigger ship is a profound scratch)... I opened the package with scissors and I went too deep... It's a little bit silly but I like my books in good shape before I start reading them...

I hope the next shipment will include Dust of Dreams by Steven Erikson, this is probably the only book that will make me drop whatever book I'm reading.

Any comments on this selection?


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