Buying books for the covers and new poll

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It seems that publishers should spend even more energy on chosing the covers for our beloved fantasy books. From what you answered, 83% of the respondent acknowledged that they have a least once buyed a book for its cover. However, I don't know if this is frequent.

As I said previouly, I did it too and I'm not sure it's the best idea to do it. It's always nice to have beautiful books sitting on the shelves even though I normally pile them so that I only see the side... and when I read a hardcover I usually put down the jacket to be certain not to tear it.

Now, a new poll: "What do you mostly look for in a review?"

- The score
- A complete analysis
- A brief take

Myself? I like a complete analysis (not too long although sometimes I know it's impossible to explain an opinion briefly...) even though every now and then I don't have the time to read all the reviews for a book and simply look at the score (if it's there) or the last paragraph.


bloggeratf said...

A complete analysis just doesn't work for every book, so for me it is very situational. You could easily write over a thousand words on some Le Guin books, but then when you get to David Gunn, it would be difficult to contribute nearly as much.

I prefer the review type that fits the book best, which is a cheezy answer, but true nonetheless.

Phil said...

I agree with you about this, the book reviewed should probably set the type of review. But generally speaking, I think you can still probably make a kind of complete analysis of almost every book even if you don't have as much too say about some of them.

I still haven't read Le Guin, but it's on my shelves.

I was curious about the anwsers to this new poll, when you make a complete review, I hope people won't just scroll down for the score. I think it should be considered a complementary addition.

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