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Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh boy... how could I have gotten this far... so much time wasted reading the last half, if not more, of this series... Why I continued? I'm not sure, I usually put down a book when it's bad. Maybe because "Wizard's first rule" was the first book I read in english (I'm in Quebec so my first language is french)... I had to get to the end.... bad idea! "People are stupid" he said?

I think one of my worst moment in my fantasy reading history was when Richard found the "War wizard for dummies" book. I was not aware that this moment would be beaten by the conclusion of the Sword of truth saga. After the first books (which I liked a lot), I had great hopes. They were crushed.

Let's resume... Richard is still trying to find a way to stop the chainfire spell. Nicci talks. Jagang is trying to enter the People's palace and find a way to activate the boxes of Orden. Nicci and Richard talks. Kahlan is trying to evade Jagang. Nicci talks. Richard becomes the God of the human spirit! I think that sums up the story.

The world Terry Goodkind created in the beginning had good potential. But then the guy read Ayn Rand and the downfall begun. First he said that he didn't write fantasy and then he started to write books just to plug this objectivist philosophy. This is the main problem, he can't stop focusing on that. He's trying to convince us with the subtlety of someone hitting you in the face with a crowbar.

The story goes nowhere interesting at all. [Spoiler].... All of those lines written to finish with the creation of our world (or something very similar). Argh!!!

Characterization? Why can't Nicci shut up! The book could have been called "Nicci speaks her mind over and over" instead of Confessor. Richard has become insipid and Zedd and Nathan are not used enough to save the day.

Still, I found something positive (in addition to the fact that the story is over and I don't have to read more stuff from him). The final Ja'La game is full of action and I was caught up in it. There's about a hundred pages that I read with pleasure.

Big deception, but I saw it coming... the previous books of the series were a big sign enough (but then why read it???)

Technically, Ok cover and Ok map...

Characterization............. 4.5 /10
World building............... 6 / 10
Magic system................. 6 / 10
Story.............................. 2 / 10
Writing........................... 2 / 10

Overall (not an average) 2.5 / 10

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