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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Abercrombie, Joe
Best Served Cold
The Heroes
Red Country
The Fools Job (Short review from Sword & Dark Magic)
Half a King

Abraham, Daniel
The Dragon's Path
The King's Blood
The Tyrant's Law

Ahmed, Saladin
Throne of the Crescent Moon

Bakker, R. Scott
The Judging Eye
The White Luck Warrior

Barnes, Mark T.
The Garden of Stones

Bear, Elizabeth
Range of Ghosts

Beaulieu, Brad P.
The Winds of Khalakovo

Bledsoe, Alex
The Sword-Edged Blonde
Burn Me Deadly
Dark Jenny
Wake of the Bloody Angel
He Drank, and Saw the Spider

Brett, Peter V.
The Warded Man (The Painted Man in the UK)
The Desert Spear
The Daylight War

Buchanan, Col
Stands a Shadow

Butcher, Jim
Furies of Calderon

Cameron, Miles
The Red Knight

Charlton, Blake

Cook, Glen
The Black Company

Cooper, Elspeth
Songs of the Earth

Deas, Stephen
The Adamantine Palace
The King of the Crags
The Order of the Scales
The Black Mausoleum

Donaldson, Stephen R.
Lord Foul's Bane ("half-review"... abandon)

Durham, David Anthony
The Sacred Band

Dyachenko, Sergey and Marina
The Scar

Erikson, Steven
Toll the Hounds
Dust of Dreams
The Crippled God
Bauchelain and Korbal Broach
Goats of Glory (short from Swords & Dark Magic)
Forge of Darkness
The Wurms of Blearmouth

Esslemont, Ian C.
Return of the Crimson Guard
Orb, Sceptre, Throne

Evans, Chris
A Darkness Forged in Fire

Fultz, John R.
Seven Princes

Goodkind, Terry

Hair, David
Mage's Blood

Hoffman, Paul
The Left Hand of God

Hulick, Douglas
Among Thieves
Sworn in Steel

Huso, Anthony
The Last Page
Box of Devotion (short story)

Jemisin, N. K.
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
The Broken Kingdoms

Jordan, Robert and Brandon Sanderson
The Gathering Storm
Towers of Midnight
A Memory of Light

Kay, Guy Gavriel
River of Stars

Kemp, Paul S.
The Hammer and the Blade

Keyes, Greg
The Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone (The Briar King, The Charnel Prince, The Blood Knight, The Born Queen)

Knight, Francis
Fade to Black

Lawrence, Mark
Prince of Thorns
King of Thorns
Emperor of Thorns
Prince of Fools

Lloyd, Tom
The Stormcaller

Lynch, Scott
The Lies of Locke Lamora
Red Seas Under Red Skies
The Republic of Thieves

Martin, George R.R.
A Dance with Dragons

McClellan, Brian
Promise of Blood
The Crimson Campaign

Modesitt Jr, L.E.

Morgan, Richard
The Steel Remains
The Cold Commands

Newton, Mark Charan
Nights of Villjamur
City of Ruin
The Book of Transformation
The Broken Isles

Orullian, Peter
The Unremembered

Polansky, Daniel
Those Above

Redick, Robert V.S.
The Red Wolf Conspiracy

Rothfuss, Patrick
The Name of the Wind
The Wise Man's Fear

Ruckley, Brian

Ryan, Anthony
Blood Song
Tower Lord (mini review)

Salyards, Jeff
Scourge of the Betrayer
Veil of the Deserters

Sanderson, Brandon
The Well of Ascension
The Way of Kings
Words of Radiance

Scholes, Ken

Scull, Luke
The Grim Company

Smylie, Mark
The Barrow

Sprunk, Jon
Shadow's Son

Staveley, Brian
The Emperor's Blades
The Providence of Fire

Sturges, Matthew

Sullivan, Michael J.
The Crown Conspiracy
Theft of Swords

Tallerman, David
Giant Thief

Walton, David

Weekes, Patrick
The Palace Job

Weeks, Brent
The Way of Shadows
Shadow's Edge
The Black Prism
The Blinding Knife
The Broken Eye

Wexler, Django
The Thousand Names

Williams, Mazarkis
The Emperor's Knife
Knife Sworn

Williams, Tad
The Dragonbone Chair

Willrich, Chris
The Scroll of Years


Other scores
(from books read too long ago for a full review... at least until a re-read)

Abercrombie, Joe
The Blade Itself -  9/10
Before they are Hanged - 9/10
The Last Argument of Kings - 9.5/10

Bakker, R. Scott
The Darkness that Comes Before - 9/10
The Warrior Prophet - 8.5/10
The Thousandfold Thought - 8/10

Durham, David Anthony
The Other Lands - 7.5/10

Erikson, Steven
Gardens of the Moon - 9.5/10
Deadhouse Gates - 9/10
Memories of Ice - 10/10
Midnight Tides - 9/10
Reaper's Gale - 8/10
The Bonehunters - 8.5/10

Goodkind, Terry

Hobb, Robin
Assasin's Apprentice - 7.5/10
Royal Assassin - 7.5/10
Assassin's Quest - 7.5/10

Jordan, Robert
The Eye of the World - 8/10
The Great Hunt - 7.5/10
The Dragon Reborn - 8/10
The Shadow Rising - 8/10
The Fires of Heaven - 7/10
Lord of Chaos - 7/10
A Crown of Swords - 7/10
The Path of Daggers - 7/10
Winter's Heart -
Crossroads of Twilight - 6/10
Knife of Dreams - 7.5/10

Kay, Guy Gabriel
The Summer Tree - 6/10

Martin, George R.R.
A Game of Thrones - 9.5/10
A Clash of Kings - 9.5/10
A Storm of Swords - 9.5/10
A Feast for Crows - 8.5/10

McCaffrey, Anne
Dragonflight - 6/10


McKenzie Maclaine said...

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McKenzie Maclaine

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